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Soft tissue modeling for esthetic single-tooth implant restoration
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Natural gingival contours around implants is one of the major challenges in the treatment of the aesthetic zone. Prefabricated gingiva formers are used to create standard contours and each implant system offer a wide variety of shapes, diameters and heights trying to adapt their healers to the different clinical situations. Now with the integration of digital technology and chairside production in the dental practice, clinicians are able to fabricate fully customize healers in order to improve aesthetic results at the soft tissue level. 

The aim of this presentation is
·To describe the different techniques, from semi-customized (STL database) to fully-customized (DAP technique) healing abutments using digital technology for soft tissue molding. 
·To discuss advantages and limitations of each technique in comparison with standard approach (prefabricated gingiva formers) 
·To show the clinical and digital workflow.

Dr. Carlos Repullo
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