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It’s 2020 - It’s time to Cerec
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CAD CAM dentistry, being state-of-the-art dental technology, offers lots of merits and solutions for dental professionals. 

Cerec, being the ultimate chair-side solution for almost 40 years, offering the highest success rates and clinical precision globally.

Nowadays Cerec is the  benchmark of CAD CAM dentistry, as its  not only chairside solution, however the developments of both Software and hardware all over the years has widened the range of clinical indications and validated digital workflows.

Prime scan being the most accurate scanner available in the market facilitates digital impressions for everybody, with highest degrees of precision and trueness of intra oral images coupled with a user friendly cerec SW opening new channels of validated digital integration.

The webinar will focus on how digital scanners can totally change the daily clinical workflow with no limits.

Dr. Mohamed Hassanien
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