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Pushing the pink envelope with intraoral scanning
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The use of intraoral scanners for scanning of teeth for restorative dentistry is arguably the most common application for the technology. New intraoral scanners like the Primescan have however redefined the quality and accuracy of soft tissue scanning as well. This provides an opportunity to push the technology further and use soft tissue scans for a variety of applications. Entire immediate complete dentures can easily be fabricated using soft tissue scanning. The  management of soft tissue emergence profile around implants is also so much easier now with Cerec fabricated healing abutments and Atlantis custom healing abutments that translate into final abutments of appropriate form. Finally, it is now also possible to integrate with facial scanning for restorative planning and this has tremendous applications in restorative rehabilitation, whether with a denture or more.

Dr. Nitish Surathu
New Zealand
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