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The All Guide - Harnessing Digital Precision and Efficiency in Implant Full-Arch Reconstruction
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Functional restoration of fully edentulous arches has seen dramatic development in various surgical and prosthodontic techniques in the past couple of decades. While the advent of All-On-Six techniques provided a restoration alternative for patients with unfavorable bone conditions, the conventional method was marred with a disconnect between the plans for the surgery and those for the restoration. The loss of vertical stop and surgical sutures from implant placement precluded any reliable method of establishing suitable bite and vertical dimension, and much of the temporary denture is a result of experience and guesswork. 


In this webinar, Dr. Michael Tsao will talk about and show clinical cases using an innovative method of All-On-Six treatment method that greatly improves the precision and speed of the treatment. By harnessing the power of digital technology and design, we are not only able to complete the surgical component, but also a metal framework-supported denture in a single visit.

Dr. Michael Tsao
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